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My Kind Deed has been set up by a small independent group of people based in London, UK- with one purpose - to spread kindness - to encourage a new way of thinking - to promote the things in life that really make a difference.

We are passionate about the changes MyKindDeed can have on people's lives, that is why we have self funded this project and dedicated so much time on it. We know it is important.

My Kind Deed is not asking you to fundraise - nor are we asking you to donate - we simply want people to make kindness their choice. 

We want to see how choosing kindness impacts - how one kind deed can multiply and spread - how far and how much difference can we make?

Building a kinder community has the ability to lower crime rates, reduce knife crimes and make changes to everybody’s lives.

We want to impact the next generation -  eradicate bullying - improve societies - reduce crime and tackle childhood mental health from the ground up.

But it’s not just the children, kindness is needed across all age groups. 1 in 4 adults experience mental health at some point in their lives. Kindness can only help to change perceptions and end exclusions and set about a way to move forward. Many people who have experienced mental health problems experience isolation. Kindness can help bring people together.

Kindness is the one thing that everyone - no matter your age, location, religion, wealth or health, can be involved in.

We are building a community - sharing positivity.

Join in - do something kind & share online!