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#MyKindDeed – Make a change

We're making kindness contagious - will you join our Kindness Campaign today?

There are so many negative things reported, shared and thought about that often people forget there is also a lot of good in the world too.

My Kind Deed aims to change this and promote a notion of kindness so that people realise the good in the world and reconnect together.

Together we can change our world, our health and our future.

Lets make kindness contagious.

We are living in a truly connected world, we have technology at our fingertips all hours of the day. We’re fully informed, engaged and captivated in our own virtual space.

Conversations buzz around us daily, news spreads quicker than it ever has in the past, we shop online, socialise online and our downtime is all online.

We are more connected than any other generation yet so many of us are feeling increasingly lonely, finding it harder to feel truly happy and we are ever increasingly separating ourselves from each other…

Mental health  is suffering as we lose the basics of  human interactions

It seems somewhat crazy that as a generation of people that has more ability to connect we are becoming more disconnected.

Our friendships goals pivot on online love and likes, we seem to only value the online interactions and hold onto them so much.

We have 1000’s of online friends but seem to have fewer and fewer away from the screens.

Yes, the benefits are amazing, when else could you find information so quickly?  Share your views and be heard so clearly? The internet has improved and simplified our lives in many ways.

Yet this same world also provides space to be unkind, and gives us the power to be someone we perhaps would not have been without the shield of technology. We hide behind screen and fight to be the most popular, the most seen in the bustle and noise of the cyberweb. Whilst at the same time forget to talk to our family and friends.

True connections are very important. Real interactions are the ones that bind us together and make society grow.

We need simple  acts of kindness which are missing with online snaps and swipes to be paramount, to power above online hate, stories of horror and abuse.

Acts of kindness can rebuild relationships and nurture friendships, kindness can make a difference in ways nothing else can and remind us that the real world is important.

We believe that by bringing back kindness we can protect and preserve our communities, our children, our future and our health.

Simple kindness needs to be promoted, shouted about and embraced in a way it has never been before.

Kind deeds are the one thing that we all can do to make a difference.

So what will you do today?


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