Sharing positive quotes online is a simple and great way to spread kindness

A great way to share a bit of positivity is via a positive happy quote.

You can easily share a quote online via facebook, twitter or instagram and it may just be that bit of positivity someone needs to help them through their day.

Here are some of our favourite quotes. -feel free to share them wherever you may like!


  1. Thank you – you have made me smile!

  2. i love sharing quotes! its amazing how seeing something so simple can really put you in a good mood!

  3. I love it’s kind of fun to do the impossible. It keeps me strong daily. I’m really struggling at the mo. With no one to take to its good to read inspirational quotes

  4. There are some really good words here to remember when things are not always going the way you would like

  5. Sarah-Jane Carter

    I love all these quotes x

  6. I absolutely love these quotes!! Thank you for spreading kindness I love it!!!

  7. Great stuff, thank you. I love that Rachel Wolchin one.

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