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5 Kind things you can do today

5 Kind things everyone can do this week

(and next week... and the week after that...)

We can all too often overlook the simple things which can really bring a smile to other peoples lives. We can often mistakenly believe that we are already being kind, yet actually we are just busying along without paying much attention. Kindness can be anything, and costs nothing. These five simple things can change the way you feel, giving you a real feel good sense of self and even better than that the kindness you pass on creates a ripple which grows and grows.

Compliment someone

Yes, as simple as that - a nice comment when someone is least expecting it can make a whole world of difference!

'I appreciate you...' 'Thanks for everything you've done today' or even 'you are really great at...' whatever the compliment is, whoever you choose to say it too I can almost certainly say that it will lift their mood.

Pick up litter from a public place

You don't have to clear the entire neighbourhood (but of course you can if you want too..) But it's remarkable how much difference simply picking up any little bits of rubbish you see as you walk to work or round the park with your children can have on your own mood. Not to mention the knock on effect this can have on the whole community. Doing something unprompted that you know is positive and helpful on so many levels really leaves you feeling a true sense of accomplishment. How often do we all walk blindly passed situations that only need a simple little bit of effort to improve. How much better would the community we live in be if everyone was to adopt this sort of attitude?

Check on a eldely friend or neighbour

So many people live alone, sometimes they may not see a friendly face for days at a time. Taking half an hour from your day can mean so much to someone who is suffering from isolation. It is one of the simplest kind deeds that there is, costing nothing but your time. A friendly face, a half an hour conversation. I'm sure we all know of at least one person who we are aware of that could really benefit from a visit - maybe it's a relative you have been meaning to visit for a long time and life has just been getting in the way? Or maybe it's someone who lives on the same street who you know doesn't get out and about or have many visitors. Jot down a time in your diary now.

Ask someone about their day and REALLY listen

We all ask our colleagues, friends and family how their day is don't we? But is it more a automatic question or a genuine interest? Sometimes when life is busy we go through the motions but taking a little bit more time with those around us and making sure we put the phone, tablet, laptop or TV remote down and really listen can make such a difference, giving someone undivided attention can be one of the kindest things, and it really does help to reconnect you with those around you.

Offer your help

No matter what your skill is, or how old you are offering to help always brings a smile. You can offer to help make dinner, mow the lawn, clean a car or fold laundry to ease the strain of those in your home. You can also offer to help create leaflets for that new business, or offer to help someone with their homework.  Maybe you could offer to help walk someones dog, or take their pet to the vets...

There are hundreds of other kind deeds you can do - what will be your kind deed today?

Share with us online and start the ripple effect and watch to see how kindness is contagious #mykinddeed

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1 thought on “5 Kind things you can do today

  1. This is so lovely. No big or grand gestures needed. Just little kind things can make a big impact 🙂

    Lauren Stebbings says:

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