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What is MyKindDeed all about?

We are and our aim is to promote a positive attitude towards life and spread kindness online, we are a small independent self funded organisation, we are not asking for donations or asking you to make grand gestures in fact there is no financial motive in our vision at all.

We simply want to make a difference and promote kindness, which is after all 100% Free.

Why are we doing this?

You probably are already aware of how influential things online can be, how easy it is for negative influences to spread, and how much impact the things we see have on us as individuals.

You have no doubt seen first-hand the negativity that is so often present online, those hateful comments so quickly left, people inciting arguments at every turn, stories of doom and gloom, images portraying violence and anger amongst other things.

My Kind Deed aims to offer a balance to this and ensure our children still see the good in the world, and grow with a positve attitude.

How does kindness help?

We know that more children than ever are now using social media, (78% of children aged 10-12 have social media accounts)What we don't yet know is how the internet, the negative influences online affecting them.

Whilst we may not fully be able to tell the impact social media has on children, we do know that crime rate is increasing, is this coincidence or is there a direct relationship?

The statistics for crime increases this year are shocking –with the rate of knife crime at it’s highest in the UK since 2010, there has been over 46 fatal stabbings in London… with 1296 stabbings reported in London alone from January to the end of April.2018

Britain’s most senior police officer even noted the link between social media and the soaring rate of knife crime, particularly among children. Met police commissioner Cressida Dick  said that websites and mobile phone applications such as YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram were partially to blame for the recent increased bloodshed.

We believe that by sharing kindness and positivity we can combat some of the negatives and promote a healthier attitude in the next generations which will improve lives.

We believe that kindness has such far reaching benefits that can touch everyone in all walks of life, and kindness can make real life differences, not only on crime, but our vision is to also improve mental health and help to irradiate cyberbullying across all ages.

How can you get involved?

Well that's easy. Simply encourage kindness and positivity, share online the stories of kindness you see or are participating in, we know that the notion of sharing your kind deeds can often be thought of as self promotion, but we believe by sharing kindness you are encouraging others, making kindness more main stream and ensuring that kind words, acts and thoughts are visable in equal measures as other news and articles.

We have put together FREE activity pack with lots of kind activities and ideas, colouring sheets and print outs. Download your copy for free today!

(no sign up required - just click the button below to view the pdf file)

Free Activity Pack


  • 50 Random act of kindness ideas and inspiration
  • 3 x colouring sheets
  • Printable kindness lables
  • Activity guides
The activity pack is free to download, click the button to view the PDF file, where you can then save directly to your computer or print out.
This download is completely free to use, and we do not require your name or email to download, we simply ask that you do not remove our logos if you wish to share with anyone else - spread the kindness Thank You

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