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10 ways to increase positivity in your home

10 Ways to increase positivity in your home

cup of tea making a house a positive space

Bring positive energy and attitudes into your home and see the benefits.

Life is more stressful than ever but even with the stresses and strains of work and life it is possible to make your home a happy place.

Here are our top 10 tips to bring more positivity into your home.

  1. Declutter - taking time to tidy those shelves and cupboards which so often get over looked can really lift the mood in a room.  Sometimes it can be easy to over look the piles that start to appear, but by having a good sort out you can really make a difference. A good tip is to put things you are unsure if you need or not into a designated place, maybe a specific draw, if you have not opened the draw in the following month then rehome the content. Keeping things that make you happy and getting rid of anything that holds bad memories also really helps to improve moods.
  2.  Listen to music - Sing or dance. Music is good for the brain and body. Studies have shown that music really does have a positive effect on people, music involves the use of the whole brain. It improves memory, attention, physical coordination and mental development so try to make time to put the radio on, or listen to your favourite music channel.
  3. Use colour - Colours, like music can have a positive effect on your moods. Yellow for instant adds radiance, orange brings warmth and cheer and green spurs growth. Adding colour, be it art on the walls or cushions on the sofa can really change the feel of a room.
  4. Pamper Pets - it's common knowledge that a dog is known as mans best friends, it is also true that petting a pet can calm and relax you. It is understandable then that a happy pet makes for a happy home, so spoil your pet with a new bed, or extra treats and see the positive spread though the family.
  5. Praise more - one of the best ways to improve a feeling in a home is to be concious of the praise we give to each other - be it other adults or parents and children. The NSPCC has a great guide for parents with tips and advice on positive parenting.
  6. Add flower and indoor plants - connecting with nature really helps improve peoples moods. Flowers have thwe ability to instantly lift moods, bright colours reflect happiness where as cool blues and pinks make a calm environment, leave your plants in a place that you see often to really benefit.
  7. Essential oil diffusers - There are so many different essential oils that can really change moods. Lavender for instant is known for it's calming properties, yangyang is also very calming and is known to reduce feelinsg of anger, Frankincense promotes focus and concentration. It also helps balance emotions.
  8. Open windows - Fresh air really does help refresh minds and increase positivity. Even when it's cold or raining opening the windows for a short while can have a huge impact. In fact, after a rainstorm the air is extra fresh.
  9. Add inspiration- positive quotes around the home can have a lasting impact - find  ones that resonate with you, photos of family and friends can have the same impact - remmeber to put a stamp on your home that really reflects your own personality.
  10. Find a hobby - Find a hobby that you get joy from, and create a space to do that. Being creative uplifts moods. If you can find a hobby that everyone in the home enjoys then thats even better, spending time together as a family and finding things that connect you can really cement relationships.


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